MUST HAVE Highlighters and Concealers

All through summer I have been obsessed with highlighters to help give that summer glow.

I use highlight on my brides without fail because it comes up beautifully for the camera to help give that healthy skin look everyone is after!

Just because winter is coming, it doesn't mean we should stop highlighting, I think this is when our skin needs it most because we don't have the sun to help as much!

If you aren't a fan of powder highlight, try mixing liquid highlight with your moisturiser or foundation to act as a skin brightener. Trust me it works wonders!

Here are my favourite highlighters:

1. ILLAMASQUA Epic beyond powder highlight - £32


This highlight is perfect for added bronze. I usually find this matches most skin tones but if you are very fair, I would recommend something with less brown undertones. Illamasqua have a lighter shade called OMG - shop HERE

2. Benefit Cosmetics Sun Beam - £19.50


This has been an old favourite since I discovered it when I worked at Benefit Cosmetics years ago! It's perfect to mix with foundation or to put on top of your make-up to give that bronzed glow. I am all for bronze but if you're after a more sheer/lighter glow then definitely try High Beam HERE

3. MAC Cosmetics Mineralize Skinfinish highlighter Soft & Gentle - £24.00


I kept getting recommendations for this highlighter so I obviously had to buy it ;)

I use this on my fairer skinned clients mostly but I've used it on myself (I have olive coloured skin) and it looked lovely! It goes on quite powdery so I spray my brush with MAC Fix + first HERE then apply, this gives more of a natural look.

4. MAC Cosmetics Strobe Cream - £24.50


I haven't used this product over make-up yet but I love putting this over my moisturiser as a primer. It really brightens the skin on days needed! It's quite subtle with not too much of a sheen.

That's it for highlighters, now on to concealers.

This a something I get asked about a lot because there are so many concealers out there that do different things such as hide dark circles, conceal spots, hide redness and so on.

These are my top picks!

1. Maybelline Age Rewind Eye Concealer in Light - £7.99 (But they are always on offer in Superdrug!)


I could just list this concealer because it literally is THE BEST I have ever used and I can't see myself changing from this in a long time! I should get commission for how many people buy these after I've used it on them haha!

It's so creamy so if you put it under your eyes it doesn't crease at all. It's also very pigmented so the coverage is flawless enough to cover dark circles, redness and even blemishes.

It just shows you don't always have to go highend for quality products.

2. URBAN DECAY Naked skin complete coverage concealer - £17.50

Shop HERE (I use Light Neutral)

This concealer has the same sort of consistency to the Maybelline concealer but I find it is more pink undertones rather than yellow. Some people have more pink undertones so this would be a better for them! If you're unsure whether you have yellow undertones or pink undertones then feel free to message me and I will tell you!

3. Benefit Erase paste brightening concealer - £20.50

Shop HERE (I use No.1 Light)

This is another old favourite of mine. It has a thick consistency so not suitable for undereyes because it will set in fine lines and crease.

It hides blemishes without fail! So if you have very red skin this works wonders.

So that's it for my MUST HAVE highlighters and concealers. What's your favourite highlight and concealer? I would love to hear about it in the comments below!

What would you like me to blog about next?


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